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Which closure part is better?

This is why hair extensions are quite popular these days. The trouble is that hair extensions can be complicated to use, especially for first-timers.

Closures are extremely versatile and allow you to protect all your hair. A hair closure ensures that your 40 inch frontal wig will blend well and it helps prevents damaging the hair you leave out. Having a leave out usually causes your hair to break off from the excessive heat from flat ironing and curling your hair.

We have introduced the free part closure and three part closure and the difference between them in the previous post,today let’s talk about the middle part hair closure.

What is the difference between middle part water wave closure and others?
1.Middle parts and three part closures are types of pre-parted closures.
2.Pre-parted closures are beneficial because they can be easier to install and, depending on how they are installed, can allow you to switch between different side parts, as well.
3.100% virgin color 27 hair or synthetic hair will need to be installed without any errors because if the closure is even slightly off, the whole wig will look bad.
4.Another thing to remember with a three part is that, while it can provide a fun and unique look, the part doesn’t always look natural.

Middle part vs free part closure
1.A free part is the most natural looking type of lace closure.
2.Unlike pre-parted closures, free part closures don’t look bad at the slightest error in the installation process.
3.However, if you opt for a free part, remember that you might have to put a bit more effort into “keeping up with the part.”
4.With pre-parted closures, it’s virtually impossible to lose where you part your hair, but because you have the flexibility to change your part with a free part closure, it can be more difficult to train your hair to part in a specific place.

This can be arranged by a stylist to go anywhere,in the center or either side to provide a parted to look your hairstyle.These come 4*4 inches area. Freestyle hair closures have a realistic hairline,which can be parted anywhere. Freestyle closures are extremely versatile you can have no parting or if you are looking for an angled,diagonal parting this is the closure for you!!

This closure allows you the versatility of changing parting at any time with ease.Middle,left and right parting all at yo convenience. Middle parts can be made to look more natural because natural hair can be parted perfectly down the middle.

Closures are not very hard to install at all. By following a few simple steps, you can achieve a closure that looks realistic.

Braid your hair down so that the closure can lay flat. You want your closer to lay down as flat as possible to create a natural look.
The next step is probably the most important. You want to make sure your closure is secure. If your closure is on a wig, you can secure it down with straps or even glue it down with some got 2b glue gel. If you are doing a sew in you, want to sew down your closure. Keep in mind that you can also tape down or glue down your closure.

When installing I highly recommend that you sew the closure tightly down to ensure security. Before applying any other hair to your sew in first sew in the closure. The same goes for when you are creating a wig with a closure.

This is very important because if done the other way around you may end up not having enough space to sew down your closure. This will also ensure that the closure lays down flat.

Once you have sewn in your closure to your braids or your wig head, it is now time for customization. The first step in customizing your closure is cutting the lace. You can cut the lace straight off or cut it to fit your hairline.

You can wash them as you would your own, shampoo and condition the hair. We also recommend using a hair treatment on the closure every few weeks, because the hair is not attached to your scalp, it is not getting the oils it should be. Using a treatment/hair mask will help keep them looking healthier and shiny for longer! You will find that you don`t need to wash your hair too much, about every 3 weeks. The hair can be blow-dried on low setting, but it is not recommended to do it too often. It is best to let your lace closure hair piece dry naturally after washing them.

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