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DaVinci DC100 shock debut

DaVinci DC100 shock debut

On July 17, DaVinci tech dafenqi Power Technology (hereinafter referred to as dafenqi power) held a DaVinci Tech Open Day brand and model press conference in Beijing. After seven years of research and development, two mass-produced models were officially launched: DC100 and DC classic. The release of these two models not only represents a breakthrough in the application of electrification technology, but also opens up a new category of robotic vehicles.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.

In terms of performance, DC100 and DC classic are the first pure electric vehicles in the world that can achieve "public upgrade" performance.
DC100 not only achieves excellent performance in acceleration, speed and endurance, but also achieves fast and convenient charging. DC100 adopts automotive standard ternary lithium battery pack with a battery capacity of 17.7 kwh. It has high energy density, supports high-voltage platform and high rate charging. It can be fully charged in about 30 minutes by using Sino American and European standard automotive DC fast charging pile.

In terms of driving experience, DC100 simplifies the vehicle operation through the robotic vehicle control system, so that riders can more focus on experiencing the fun of driving. The whole vehicle control system of DC100 can accurately control the high-power density force control motor integrated in the rear wheel, and can achieve arbitrary acceleration, deceleration and constant speed control. At the same time, it has traction control, CBS (front and rear linkage braking), ABS (anti lock braking) and other functions to make riding safer. It is also equipped with driving assistance, uphill assistance, downhill assistance, reversing and other practical functions to make riding more simple and interesting.

In addition, DaVinci app integrates vehicle control, riding display function and mobile phone software to make the riding experience more digital. DaVinci app is connected with the vehicle engine system to view the vehicle condition information such as speed, power and tire pressure in real time, and integrate the map and navigation functions. It also supports keyless start, wireless mobile phone charging, global positioning, theft and retrieval, remote access to system updates and other functions.

DC series is essentially a wheeled robot with the ability of perception, operation and execution. It can accurately sense the ambient temperature, battery motor temperature, body inclination, movement speed, front and rear wheel speed and other information. During driving, the vehicle will control the power system in combination with the current vehicle, environmental information and user instructions to achieve ideal performance under various working conditions. In the future, DC100 can also realize self balancing, automatic following, mobile phone remote control and other functions.

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