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How people in Germany have embraced FFP2 masks

How people in Germany have embraced FFP2 masks

People in Germany have been wearing face coverings since the government made it mandatory at the end of April last year.To get more news about quality medical surgical mask factory outlet, you can visit official website.

But earlier this month the restrictions changed: medical masks now have to be worn when people are shopping or riding on public transport.

The new rules were brought in as part of tighter measures to deal with the threat of Covid-19 variants.
Since homemade cloth masks, scarves and shawls used to cover the mouth and nose are no longer allowed, the demand for better protective equipment in the crisis has risen rapidly.

In most of the country (except the states of Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria where only FFP2 masks are allowed) disposable medical surgical masks are also permitted, and they're popular.Despite initial worries that there might not be enough supplies, things appear to have gone smoothly.

Unlike in spring 2020, when the German government changed its mask strategy at short notice without it being clear where the masks would come from, there are no bottlenecks so far this time.

“We are seeing that the market is coping well not only with the demand for surgical masks, but also for FFP2 masks,” said Christian Splett, spokesman for the Federal Association of German Pharmacists (ABDA).

“Of course, the masks can be sold out for a day here and there, but that is normal. The nationwide supply is guaranteed.”

In pharmacies, retail stories and online, the prices of the masks (which can range from €1 to €5 or even more per piece) have also dropped in recent weeks.

“The market is virtually flooded with masks from Chinese manufacturers,” said Thomas Vierhaus, managing director at the Association of Technical Trade (VTH). And one or two German producers are now also involved.

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