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How To Wear Lace Closure Wigs Without Glue?

Wearing a wig with glue for a long time is not friendly to the scalp of our hairline. It may inhibit the hair growth at the hairline, or cause the scalp to become red, swollen, and itchy. How to wear lace closure wigs if you don't use glue?

A lace frontal wig may be friendly for a newbie to install cause of the ear to ear hairline, to ensure the wig can stay on your head on super windy days, we may have to use glue to secure the wig tightly, but beginner-friendly lace closure wigs like 4x4 closure wigs, 5x5 closure wigs, 6x6 closure wigs have less lace area, you can use those useful methods as following that do not require glue, When put on correctly, it can fasten your hair well for several days or weeks. 

The Tips about How to Melt Lace Closure Without Glue
1. Bleaching the knots:
What’s bleaching the knots?
Bleaching the knots is applying the bleach to your lace closure.
Why do we need to bleach the knots? The knots on the lace closure are not visible and you can achieve the most natural-looking scalp while you wear your cheap human hair brazilian hair wigs perfectly.
How to bleach the knots?
I recommend bleaching the knots with a 20 developer and powder bleach. This will give the illusion of a “scalp” by lightening the darkness of the knots.
If you think bleaching the knots is too complicated for you, you want to wear lace closure wigs on West Kiss Hairmore easily and conveniently, here is one good solution, you can choose an HD transparent lace wig, then there is no need to do bleaching knots and the HD lace can melt into different skin perfectly.

  1. Wearing wig cap:
    To wear a wig cap was optional when you install the human hair lace wigs, however, there’s no denying that the wig cap will be helpful to wear your lace closure wig without glue.
    At first, you need to clean and wash your hair if you need to wear the wig for a long period of time, which can protect your natural hair.
    Next, you can braid your natural hair and tie it into a low ponytail, tying it as tight as possible without it being uncomfortable. Then, take your ponytail and pull it over your head, but don’t sit too close to your natural hairline, otherwise, they will show underneath the front of your wig.
    At last, you can choose a wig cap closes to your skin complexion to hold your hair as well as act as a “scalp” under your unit. Double-check that the front edge of the wig cap is aligned with your natural hairline, and look out for any loose strands of hair, such as baby hair or sideburns, that you need to tuck into your wig cap. Or you could keep a few pieces of natural hair out; this is a nice idea to try if you want to achieve a more natural look by blending your own hair with your wig.

  2. Adding elastic band:
    Sewing an elastic band on your lace closure wig can help especially when you don’t want to use glue, tape. It can make your hairline flat and make your wig more secure.
    First, you need to prepare a stretchable band, please remember to select an elastic band to match your wig color, because this helps your hair look realistic. If you buy from West Kiss Hair, we include an elastic band in the package box for you to sew into the wig by yourself.
    Then you can flip over the wig and put it on the head model, measure the band out from ear to ear, cut it to the length you measured without stretching it, sew the band onto the cap exactly where the ear tabs are. Please make sure you didn't sew it too tightly or it will be a headache when you wear your wig.
    Of course, the most convenient way is to buy a wig with an elastic band already sewed inside. Although all of our lace wigs online have adjustable straps in the wig, which you can adjust. But If you still want a sewed elastic band, please leave us a message, West Kiss Hair can sew in elastic bands for free on all our clients’ lace closure wig human hair and lace front wigs human hair. This service is also available for our wholesale clients, welcome to check on

  3. Applying strong hold hairspray:
    As well know that using the glue can hurt your scalp and cause a skin sensibility that can lead to hair loss. Meanwhile, when we want to change the hairstyle, it also takes time for us to remove the wig.
    Instead of using wig glue, you can use a strong hold hairspray, which has less harm on our skin and it is easy to install and remove. When installing the wig, you can spray the area of the scalp where you are laying the lace. Allow it to dry and have a chalky consistency. Quickly lay the lace over and wrap a silk wrap around the wig and lace to provide pressure on the lace and give a stronghold. After several minutes you can unwrap the silk wrap and style.

I hope the above content can provide you with better help. For more wig content, please visit West Kiss Hair's official blog.

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