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Best women’s jewellery brands for putting a smile on her face

Best women’s jewellery brands for putting a smile on her face

Gift-giving season can be tough… and so can jewellery shopping. Somehow, no matter where we are in the year, it feels as though a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day is only ever just a couple of weeks away. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about what to buy the special lady in your life… and one of the smartest ways to go is with jewellery. To get more news about custom jewelry manufacturers, you can visit official website.

Oft-heralded as a failsafe gift for just about everyone, the truth is that jewellery shopping is no easy task. With distracting embellishments, a wide array of brands and more styles that one can even comprehend… the process can sometimes prove a little overwhelming to say the least.
So where to start? With a cue from GQ, of course. From award-winning independent ateliers to unique designs from luxury houses (and not forgetting those elegant offerings that won’t break the bank), here are ten of our favourite names in women’s jewellery right now – any gift from which is sure to impress…
If she’s really into fashion, she’ll secretly be craving a piece of jewellery from Alighieri. Since its inception in 2014, the London-based brand has risen to become a firm favourite among the world’s most elegant women. So much so that its founder, Rosh Mahtani, won the acclaimed Queen Elizabeth II Award last year. All designs are influenced by Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”, which translates to an understated range of medallion necklaces, pearl earrings and sacred rings beautifully plated in a signature 24ct gold.
Founded by Robert Tateossian in 1990, this label is all about emphasising movement and captivating a playful energy. With innovation, creativity and quality flowing through the heart of the brand, Tateossian cites his biggest inspiration simply as the world and the discovery of new stones and new materials. The label’s collections are full of delicate expressions of gold and rose gold, often detailed with pale-toned gemstones and crystals. With a wide selection of necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings and earrings to choose from, there’s a little something for everyone.
Designing to celebrate women and inspire them with confidence, Monica Vinader creates jewellery that doesn't define itself via expense or exclusivity, but by its focus on quality. Empowering women with recycled gold vermeil, sterling silver and ethically sourced natural gemstones, the brand prides itself on the creation of art, not just jewellery. With innovation and integrity at the heart of each design, you can expect simplicity and luxury from Monica Vinader, with delicate, elegant pieces.
After working at Balenciaga for over a decade, Paris-based designer Charlotte Chesnais decided to go solo and the result was her self-titled jewellery brand. The artist’s knack for little details in design is very clear in her pieces, all of which take influence from the sculptures of Jean Arps and the collages of Henri Matisse. Her “Ivy Family” collection is a standout for its looping earrings alone, which unfurl downwards and then back up the ear.
Laden with royal themes and celestial motifs, Thomas Sabo has a crown for every queen. Made to be innovative and expressive, the label ranges from classic layering pieces to dramatic, edgy designs. With stars, skulls and crucifixes placed alongside dainty diamond embellishments and the infamous love knot motif, Thomas Sabo is about capturing the essence of a person or emotion and distilling it into a pendant, ring or bracelet as a piece of wearable art.
Since Daniel Lee joined Bottega Veneta in 2018 as creative director, the fashion house has gone from strength to strength and not just in the clothes department. Its signature appeal of sharply crafted edge extends to jewellery too, within which you’ll find a bunch of sophisticated offerings with rebellious details.

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