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WOW Shadowlands Pre Patch

WOW Shadowlands Pre Patch

The date for the main expansion of World of Warcraft Shadowlands is delayed, but the wow 9.0.1 pre-patch has been introduced today on October 13, 2020. This pre-patch makes a lot of changes in the game system. Players will not be able to enter the new zones as of now but they will be able to experience new features like new abilities, new leveling mechanisms, an invasion by the Scourge (zombies) along with some character changes. Here is everything you need to know about the wow shadowlands pre-patch. To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Players will be able to remake their character. This includes a large number of additional customization options for the character that are unlocked in this pre patch - new eye, skin and hair colors, tattoos, faces, jewelry.
Now the players can start an allied race toon as the reputation requirements to start an allied race character are not removed in this pre patch. Players can now pick one of the ten allies they want to choose and start leveling them up. However, they will have to complete all the quests related to that character race.
The new level cap will now be level 60 in Shadowlands and is capped to 50 in the pre-patch, which means that for a short period of time the max-level for the characters in WoW will actually be lower-level than the classic WoW. Blizzard has also mentioned that the 1-50 leveling experience will be about 30 percent faster than the 1-120 experience previously.
There will be a new mentoring game system in which the experienced players will be allowed to guide the new players via a special chat channel. All the new players will be added to this channel automatically for asking questions. The players with a decent level of experience can volunteer to be the mentors in this channel by going through the guide recruiter system in Orgrimmar for Horde, or in Stormwind for Alliance.

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