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11 Awesome Side Quests Hidden In New World

11 Awesome Side Quests Hidden In New World

Every MMORPG has one thing in common, a vast and magnificent world filled with adventure and loot. When it comes to questing, it's another common trope to have the main storyline that encompasses the local lore and a variety of unrelated side-quests to improve player immersion with the environment. Open-world and RPG games include "hidden" or "secret" quests as part of the immersion factor, making finding the quests themselves a part of the adventure.To get more news about buy nw gold, you can visit official website.

New World already has a reputation for being a bit weak in the main story department. Meanwhile, there are actually a lot of interesting and important New World side quests to be randomly found from NPCs that are out in the wilderness for one reason or another, and they're wandering the wilds of Aeternum just like the player. There are still locations to be discovered and no doubt a number of quests as well, but for those that are looking for some inspiration, here are some of the best side and hidden quests in New World.

Updated December 21, 2021 by Kristy Ambrose: New World has been available for a while now, and players have had time to explore the vast island nation and max out their levels. That means there are a few more obscure, weird, and interesting side quests that can be added to the list. Most of them involve epic weapons and powerful enemies, but there are others that involve crafting and exploration as opposed to fighting Aeternum's hostiles. Most of the new entries are intended for higher-level players and can only be found after reaching more advanced levels and exploring certain areas.
This New World quest encounter is already so notorious it's hardly a secret anymore, but it's so weird yet perfectly fitting with the aesthetic of the game that it needs to be included. There is a quest on the mainland that can lead the player to Rabbit Island, but that's not necessary to find the location and start the event.

There's nothing to stop any interested player from taking a walk along the archipelago, seeking out the island populated by numerous rabbits. Kill a certain special rabbit named Stanley and the Haremaster will appear to give the player a special task. Follow and obey, if ye dare.
Whether or not you can start this New World side quest depends on a character's Fishing skill level, so in theory, even a new character could do it. As long as it's 100, "To Be A Grand Master" is available from Grand Master Gasper Machera in Reekwater. He's located outside of the settlement, southeast of it on the road, so even if a player has the required fishing level, it's easy to miss this NPC and therefore the quest as well.

There's a chain you can do before this one that's offered by the same NPC, and it's handy to undertake it if your character needs to grind their fishing level or do some exploring. For the last one that precedes "To Be A Grand Master," the player needs to bring a total of 100 fish filets of varying kinds to Gasper.
Dr. Leonie Roggeveen is fairly close to the main road, just west of the main settlement. There are some interesting ruins in this region, and she's here for the history, not the fighting. That's why she needs your help finding Nora, and that's the basic plot of this New World side-quest.

One of the local landmarks in Weaver's Fen is the Vega Bridge, which stretches across almost half the zone, and the player needs to find some clues that Nora left behind. This handy quest gives the player an excuse to take a closer look at the northern section of it, plus the level 30 armor case, complete with a T3 item, is well worth it.
In a game where players can make their own classes, Treasure Hunter might be one of them. That's the title that's given to Claire Fergus, as she's standing by the side of a lonely road with part of a map. She doesn't have information about where the map came from exactly, but apparently, this treasure is the legacy of the notorious pirate Tireless Thompson, so who's going to say no?

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