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Big Jar Protein Powder Filling Machine

Big Jar Protein Powder Filling Machine

An automatic plastic and glass jars bottles filling line for dosing, shutting and labeling of lathering bulk, liquids or powder products and products of everyday necessities in jars.Get more news about Protein Powder Jar Filling,you can vist our website!

The working cycle is managed and controlled by a programmable controller.

Manufactures and supplies a wide range of equipment suitable for filling of honey, nescafe, nespresso, instant coffee, powder coffee, granule coffee, chutney, mayonnaise,baby foods, jams, tutti-frutti, cosmetics, household and industrial chemistry

60 days or earlier from the date of receipt of your confirmed Purchase
Order along with Advance remittance.
Terms of Payment 30% deposit in Advance remittance by Wire transfer (T/T).
70% payment before shipment.
Installing & Commissioning
OF the Machine Installation will be done by our technicians after the machines have been placed at the site. All the utilities like water, electrical, will be connected by you. We shall depute our technician after receiving your confirmation for the pre-installation readiness. All our expenses including round-trip air ticket to the nearest airport, local conveyance to your factory, Lodging & Boarding expenses shall be payable by you. Incase the stay of our technician, the service charges @ US $ 100 per day will be charged extra.
Validity Our quotation is valid for 60 days from the date hereof and thereafter to our
written confirmation.
Warranty Period JIABO COMPANY provides an annual guarantee of normal operating condition from the date of shipment.

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