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How do you feel about electric motorcycles

How do you feel about electric motorcycles

Electric bikes are the bomb. Not only would I buy one — I did, and I’ll do it again.To get more news about davinci, you can visit official website.

Let me explain. But first, let me sing the praises of the bike I just traded in and then tell you why I did a 180 and got rid of it.Greased lightning: My 2016 Zero FXS, which is Zero’s supermoto machine. This thing puts out 78 ft/lbs (105 Nm) of torque. The bike weighs 300lbs (136kg), so it’s like pouring liter-bike torque into a DR-Z400SM.

Grab the delicious torques from a GSX-R1000 (445lbs, ~200kg) and pour those babies into this, and you’ll get the idea:It is agile in traffic. There are no gears, just smooth, predictable power delivery from the throttle, and you can almost literally squirt around the streets. The pull is addictive. I’d set the custom mode to full torque and full motor regeneration, so letting off the throttle has about the same engine braking effect as a smaller-bore smoker bike. The acceleration? Every traffic light, you want to be first in line so you can grab on with your knees and enjoy watching everyone else disappear in your mirrors. You’re flying.

With no gears and no power band to speak of, there’s a whole bunch of constant calculations you’re not running through in your head — downshift for this curve? Will I need to upshift at the exit? None of that. Roll off, roll on. Slow traffic? No fiddling on and off the clutch, no fine motor control occupied staying in the friction zone. Roll on, roll off.
As a commuter and runaround bike, the thing rocks. Zipping around back roads, it rocks. In traffic, it rocks. Plug it into the wall at night and it’s ready to rock overnight. Range is plenty for most of what I need to do. We’ll get back to that “most” in a minute.

On the highway, the FXS will get you up to 89 mph (143km/h) in a hurry. Would you want to? Well, no. Riding a supermoto at highway speeds more than a few miles is not something it was ever meant for. If you want the weight and stability for that, get a Zero SR/F or SR/S.There. Now you can pass semis on the highway without feeling like a goose feather in a hurricane.

But. Here it comes. There’s something we need to talk about.You see, I live in the U.S. midwest, outside Kansas City, to be precise. Cities out here aren’t as much cities as metro areas that sprawl for miles and miles. How do you get from one place to the other?

And at higher speeds, range drops. Above 70 mph it’s like opening the drain in your bathtub.

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