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Best Electric Motorcycles On The Market Right Now

Best Electric Motorcycles On The Market Right Now

With the need to reduce carbon emissions, electric motorcycles are becoming more popular than ever. Manufacturers, including Harley Davidson whose motorcycle is like something out of a sci-fi movie, Zero, and Energica are behind some of the best ones on the market.To get more news about ev, you can visit official website.

Not only do electric motorcycles not produce any carbon emissions, but they also don't cause any noise pollution either. Going electric doesn't mean having to ride a motorbike that's slower or weaker than its gas-reliant counterparts. These models are fast, powerful, and look no different from any other motorbikes. The future of motorcycles is electrifying.Vmoto is a Chinese company that's been around for the past five years. It manufactures scooters and caters to both the Asian and international markets. Super Soco is their third-party brand and it's behind the TCmax motorcycle. Its speed is 59 mph and the power range is up to 68 miles.

Despite being a small and cheap bike at $5,100 the motor produces an impressive 132 ft-lb of torque and can fast-charge within just five hours to make the bike ready whenever you need it.
Monday Motorbikes is an American company in Torrance, California, and their bike is called the Gen7 motorcycle. It has a 50-100 mile range and two performance modes: economy and sport. Currently, it's one of the most underrated sports bikes on the market, despite being fully electric. It's also keyless and requires a user-programmable password to start. The battery recharges every time the rider brakes. There's a USB port to charge a cell phone.

The headlights are high/low beam LEDs and the dash is LCD. It has a removable proprietary battery, 17 forged aluminum mag wheels, and the Brushless DC permanent magnet motor. The price for one of these is just $4,500.

Fonzarelli's NKD: $6,700
Fonzarelli is an Australian company based in Sydney. They ship their products internationally, including North America. Their Fonzarelli NKD motorcycle's range is up to 124 miles and its speed is up to 62 mph. Riders have three speed modes to choose from.

Jambon Beurre's Jambon Beurre: $61,625
Jambon Beurre is a custom motorcycle builder in Paris. They've worked alongside PYMCO Technologie who make electric-powered trains to produce the Jambon Beurre motorcycle. It has 107 hp, a 6.5 kWh battery and its torque is 200 lb-ft at 8000 rpm. Its max speed is 99 mph and the actual bike base is a 1991 Suzuki DR 800.

Harley Davidson's Livewire: $29,799
Harley Davidson's Livewire is one of the more expensive electric motorcycles in the middle-range, but for good reasons. It has a high-voltage battery capable of covering a minimum of 146 miles without needing to be charged.

Zero's SR/F: $19,495
Zero's SR/F model has a lithium-ion battery, 140 ft-lbs of torque, and 110 horsepower. It has a renowned German company, Bosch's Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC). These were the first fully-smart motorcycles in the world with a customizable dash (Cypher III operating system) and Zero's own app.

Sarolea's MANX7: $50,000 - $57,000
Sarolea's a Belgian company that was founded way back in 1850. The MANX7 is their first and only electric motorcycle. Its range is 205 miles, top speed is 150 mph, its torque is 332 ft-lbs and it has a 120 kW engine. The monocoque chassis is made of carbon fiber and the vehicle is evenly weighted on both sides.

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