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The best smart locks for 2021

The best smart locks for 2021

Keeping thieves out of your home is one part of their job description, but smart locks are also preventive guards that can track whenever a door is opened or closed. Locks with fingerprint sensors can inform you if the kids came home within a designated time, while others can automatically lock themselves if you happen to forget to do it yourself. Smart locks have transformed the way we interact and safeguard our homes, offering us the same peace of mind that security cameras offer.To get more news about smart home accessories, you can visit official website.

Smart locks use your Wi-Fi, mobile apps, and popular voice assistants. Leading smart lock designs, such as the kind found with the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, are also sleek and attractive, allowing the hardware to blend in with the natural features of your home. There are even some that are multi-functional, offering security features to protect your home beyond just locking the door. On the other end of the spectrum, smart locks are now more affordable than ever before. Owning one is only marginally more expensive than a standard lock. Best of all, you don’t need to be a professional to install them.
We’ve tested dozens of smart locks, so we have a recommendation that will work for every owner and every home that covers the range. If you’re looking to cover more of your home, you can also take a look at the latest home security camera discounts. Whichever you end up choosing, you might be surprised by what they’re capable of doing beyond the obvious.
This latest iteration of the August Smart Lock breaks free from the bonds of its predecessors’ need for a bridge to operate remotely. Thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi connection, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock connects to your home’s wireless network without the need for a bridge or other additional hardware.

Beyond that, it’s one of the simplest smart locks to install and set up. Plus, it’s able to retain your existing lock — so you don’t need new keys. What’s impressive is that the company adds in the Wi-Fi connection, while shrinking the overall size of the lock. It is 45% smaller in volume and 20% slimmer, making it a sleek little lock, and comes in either silver or matte black plastic.

In addition to using the app to remotely operate the lock, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. Meaning, it integrates nicely with just about any smart home platform. There are also some advanced features that make it a premier offering, like virtual keys that work on a set schedule, and automatic lock/unlock as you approach or leave your home.
This attractive smart lock is a product of Nest and Yale. An elegant touchscreen keypad replaces the regular old lock and key mechanism, and the exterior surround comes in satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or polished brass. The oval-shaped outside keypad is 4.59 inches tall by 2.59 inches wide, while the interior lock is 7.03 inches tall by 2.78 inches wide. Four AA batteries power the lock, and the batteries should last about one year before you have to replace them.

You choose a passcode (between four and eight digits) to unlock the door, and you can also use the app. Additionally, the Nest X Yale has an automatic locking feature that activates after a duration of time that you select, and it has a home/away feature that locks the door automatically. Google Home users can voice control the Nest X Yale. You can check the status of your lock from the road, lock your door when you’re not home, and add your lock commands to Google Routines.There are very few smart locks that support Apple’s HomeKit. However, the best one for Apple’s smart home platform is none other than the Level Lock Touch.

First, it sports an unconventional design for a smart lock. There are no bulky keypads, nor is there an equally bulky component that goes over the deadbolt on the inside of the door. Instead, the Level Lock Touch looks like an ordinary lock — one that retains the appearance and styling of a traditional lock. What’s also neat about the smart lock is that you can interact with the Level Lock Touch by either tapping on the keyhole housing or using the included NFC-equipped keycards for opening and locking the lock.

Once it’s connected to HomeKit, you can ask Siri on your iOS device or HomePod speaker to unlock the door. It will also unlock itself automatically because it leverages GPS on your iPhone to set up a geofence around your home. All of these features make the Level Lock Touch the best lock for HomeKit.

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