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Definition of aluminum die casting parts

Definition of aluminum die casting parts

Our liquid-cooled ac/dc battery charger case is made of aluminum alloy. In general, aluminum alloy is lighter and has stronger heat dissipation potential than any other material. For example, a battery must to be kept within the limits of space and weight, we want a battery to achieve more power storage, optimizing the temperature control management systems to ensure the charging speed and heat dissipation of the battery and the overall structure optimization can ensure the collision safety. In order to ensure the safety, life and charge-discharge efficiency of a battery, it should be used in the appropriate temperature range as far as possible. Both of overheating and cooling will have a great impact on a battery. Therefore, liquid-cooled battery has a set of liquid-cooled temperature management system, which relies on the constant temperature characteristics of the liquid and is controlled by the software of the liquid-cooled system to achieve a more stable battery environment. Meanwhile, Why choose aluminum alloy to be the material of liquid-cooled ac/dc battery charger case? Not only aluminum battery charger case can reduce the weight of the car, but also improve the heat dissipation effect of the battery. Eventually aluminum battery case can greatly improve the battery working efficiency and safety, prolong the battery life.Get more news about Aluminum Die Casting Auto Parts,you can vist our website!

2.Advantages of Liquid-Cooled AC/DC battery charger Case
We choose all-in-one aluminum alloy die-casting case which interior is filled with high thermal conductivity sealant so that it has excellent performance of seismic heat dissipation and waterproofing, ensuring it can operate in various harsh environments for a long time.
Aluminum alloy die casting is a kind of pressure casting part, which uses the die casting mechanical die casting machine to install the casting mould, and pours the heated liquid aluminum alloy into the feed port of the die casting machine. The aluminum alloy parts with limited shape and size of the die are cast by the die casting machine. Such parts are usually called aluminum alloy die castings.

Because the metal aluminum alloy has good fluidity and plasticity.Aluminum alloy die castings can not only make a variety of complex shapes, but also have high precision and finish.The mechanical processing of castings and the casting allowance of metal aluminum alloy are reduced, which not only saves electric power and metal materials, but also greatly saves labor costs.Aluminum alloy has excellent thermal conductivity, low specific gravity and high processability.

Aluminum alloy die castings are widely used in automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, landscaping, power construction, architectural decoration and other industries.

Aluminum alloy die-casting parts can be made into aluminum die-casting automobile parts, aluminum die-casting automobile engine fittings, aluminum die-casting engine cylinder, aluminum die-casting gasoline engine cylinder head, aluminum die-casting valve support, aluminum die-casting power accessories and other parts.
There is little difference in the function of primary and secondary recycled aluminum die-casting. Secondary aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum mixed with magnesium, iron, copper and other materials. Due to cost, it is rarely used in pure aluminum casting. More than 95% of aluminum castings made in North America are made from recycled aluminum after consumption. The ease of use of aluminum alloy in die casting and its lighter weight and durability make it the first choice for designers in almost all industries, for which secondary aluminum needs only 5% of energy to be produced. Most of the energy consumption of aluminum die casting is used to heat and remelt the metal in the manufacturing process.

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