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LC BladePatch Fiber Jumpers

LC BladePatch Fiber Jumpers

Berkshire Photonics manufactures precision, high-quality custom fiber optic assemblies for medical, harsh environment, industrial, sensing, and defense applications. Assemblies are available with single-mode, polarization maintaining, and multimode fibers. All of our assemblies are made with the highest quality fiber, connectors, and jacketing, and are tested to industry standard protocols. Berkshire Photonics specializes in custom, build-to-order assemblies. No order is too small or too big; too simple or too complex. Our team will work with you every step of the way to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Please view our pigtails, jumpers, and bundles for additional information.Get more news about Fiber Jumper,you can vist our website!

Through new UniClick™ technology, Siemon has enhanced the popular LC BladePatch® connector used in jumpers and trunk assemblies. The UniClick™ uniboot features a one-piece body with an integrated switch to make it faster and easier to change polarity, with no loose parts. The streamlined footprint provides an even better fit in high density applications including patching fields and active equipment. The LC BladePatch retains its smooth push-pull functionality and low loss performance to suit any application.
New UniClick™ technology enables fast and easy access to polarity change via rotating latches
Smaller uniboot profile ensures a perfect fit in high density patching and compact transceiver modules
Push-pull control of the latch allows access in dense environments with limited hand access
Small diameter uni-tube cable reduces pathway fill and improves airflow
Low loss performance with 100% inspection to ensure superior performance and quality
Also available in LC-LC and MTP-LC trunk assemblies to suit various channel configurations

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