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Ceramic Rope Is Also A Kind Of Insulation Rope

Ceramic rope is also a kind of insulation ropeinsulation rope[/url] used in our life, but it is a ceramic product with fiber characteristics. Although its tensile strength may not be strong, don't forget that it is also a ceramic product. Then it must also have certain characteristics that ceramics have. Therefore, it is generally used in various thermal equipment and heat conduction systems as a material for fire resistance, fire prevention, and thermal insulation. Therefore, it is quite characteristic, not only has the usefulness of ordinary rope, but also the fire resistance that ordinary rope does not have. Features of ceramic fiber rope 1. Ceramic fibre rope can withstand high temperature and thermal shock very well. And its thermal conductivity is relatively low, and its hot melt is relatively low. And, because of its excellent high temperature thermal insulation performance, the service life is generally very long.

2. It has good resistance to corrosion by some non-ferrous metals, and will not be stained with metallic colors. 3. It is also a non-toxic, harmless, and environmentally friendly item, which is safe to use. Its construction and installation is also extremely convenient. Ceramic fibre rope standards Then there are certain standards for such a type of rope. First of all, the moisture content of the rope is required to be no more than 2%, and the ignition loss is no more than 18%. Its diameter has two standards, the small standard is 3-50mm, the large standard is 6-50mm, and the allowable deviation is 0~+15%. That is to say, the diameter of the ceramic fiber rope is allowed to be large but not allowed to be small. Its length also has strict standards, according to the different diameters, there are 15mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, 200mm, etc., and no negative deviation is allowed, that is to say, it cannot be short, but can be slightly longer. Moreover, its breaking strength is also determined according to different situations. In addition, there are some standard requirements for the appearance of ceramic fiber ropes. Everything has a set standard, not so random. Sometimes, a little deviation can lead to fatal mistakes. When we do things, we should also customize our own standards.

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