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graphite rings are a ring-shaped

Name: Reinforced degassing unit


The reinforced degassing units

are a ring-shaped graphite packing formed by adding metal materials such as 304 steel belt, steel wire mesh, nickel wire mesh, etc. to the inside of the expanded graphite packing ring, and then pressed by a mold. In order to improve the compression resistance of the graphite ring, it is generally used in high temperature and high pressure sealing.

1. Good self-lubrication

2. High rebound coefficient

3. Suitable for use under high temperature and high pressure conditions.


Valves, pumps, etc.


Recommended for petroleum equipment, power plants, chemicals, steel mills, etc.


Except for a few strong oxidizing media, it can be used to seal hot water, high temperature, high pressure steam, heat exchange media, hydrogen, ammonia, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, low temperature liquids and other media

Product specifications: Φ5mm--Φ1000mm; special specifications or various non-standard products can be made according to customer requirements

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