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RAAS shares should contact the Shareholders Foundation in connection

RAAS shares should contact the Shareholders Foundation in connection

The Shareholders Foundation, Inc. announces that a lawsuit was filed for certain investors in Cloopen Group Holding Limited (NYSE: RAAS) shares.To get more news about RaaS, you can visit official website.

On December 10, 2021, a lawsuit was filed against Cloopen Group Holding Limited over alleged securities laws violations. The plaintiff alleges that the Registration Statement that was filed in connection with the Company's February 2021 the initial public offering (“IPO”) failed to disclose that, Cloopen Group Holding Limited 's growth strategy was allegedly not working, and its existing customers were abandoning the Company.

The plaintiff further alleges that the Registration Statement failed to disclose that an increasing number of Cloopen Group Holding Limited 's customers were refusing to pay, forcing the Company to record massive increases in its accounts receivables and allowance for doubtful accounts, and that the Registration Statement also allegedly failed to disclose that Cloopen Group Holding Limited was weighed down by huge liabilities related to the fair value of certain recently-granted warrants.
The Shareholders Foundation, Inc. is a professional portfolio legal monitoring and a settlement claim filing service, which does research related to shareholder issues and informs investors of securities class actions, settlements, judgments, and other legal related news to the stock/financial market. The Shareholders Foundation, Inc. is not a law firm. Any referenced cases, investigations, and/or settlements are not filed/initiated/reached and/or are not related to Shareholders Foundation. The information is only provided as a public service. It is not intended as legal advice and should not be relied upon.
At Antea Group, we offer a Resources-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution for our clients. It is a fully scalable solution to temporary environment, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) staffing. We match clients with Antea Group employees that fit their culture and technical needs. Our employees range from junior EHS staff to credentialed professionals and subject matter experts with years of experience. We provide support on a full-time basis or for a few hours per week. We can place one person or a team of people depending on the need.

We launched this service in December of 2020 and wanted to give a little insight into the day-to-day of one of our employees that is currently in a RaaS role. Michael Zhou completed a four-month RaaS assignment at a data center in Iowa and now is in another RaaS role at a technology R&D company in Seattle. He explains his RaaS roles, what he enjoys most about the opportunities, and even gives his opinion on why he thinks this program is gaining in popularity and is good for companies.
At my first RaaS assignment, I managed day-to-day EHS manager tasks including compliance evaluations and high-risk activity monitoring including electrical, Lockout/Tagout (LOTO), working from heights, and confined space. I was also able to participate in larger initiatives including a safety performance improvement plan, safety culture development, and creation and monitoring of leading environment, health and safety (EHS) metrics.

My most recent RaaS assignment just started but the day-to-day is very flexible. At this technology R&D company, health and safety specialists are assigned to different lab buildings across two different campuses. Common activities involve risk assessments, industrial hygiene screenings, incident investigation, and frequent inspections for regulatory and safety topics.f

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