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4 Weirdest WoW Classic Items

4 Weirdest WoW Classic Items

There are thousands upon thousands of items in MMOs, and WoW Classic is no different. Among all those WoW Classic items, some of them have weird and not-so-wonderful effects. Here are some of the weirdest items in WoW Classic.To get more news about Buy WoW Items, you can visit official website.

The Crystal of Zin-Malor will drain the health and mana of anyone who isn’t worthy of equipping it. Here’s the catch: In its eyes, nobody is worthy. Everybody gets the draining effects, and nobody is safe.

So why would players want to keep this quest item? Well, it can bypass certain death rules. If you die under its effects, your gear will not degrade. It is useful for getting away from pursuers or having an easy teleport back to town.PvP players have also found that equipping it before getting ganked or hit by a Polymorph spell nullifies the attacks. That leaves them free to counterattack and increases the chances of winning.

Lastly, it’s used in a very off-meta build that lets Priests tank for the team. Priests already have much in common with tanks, such as a high HP, and they come with the ability to heal. The only problem is taking aggro, and that’s where this crystal comes in. Let’s leave it at that since we’re only focusing on the items.Similar to the above item, for the duration this one is active, it also drains health and mana. The differences are that it gives a speed boost as well, and its draining effect can stop when inactive. Plus it’s an off-hand weapon while the above is a trinket.

At any rate, players found a use for it to avoid crowd control skills. This trinket may have inspired the BFA Warlock skill ‘Burning Rush’ as well. It may have an odd effect, but it’s quite useful when you need the boost.Despite being the first prize reward in the weekly Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, you’d be hard-pressed to find a use for this trinket. It will allow you to transform into a fish while underwater.

Sure, you get water breathing and increased movement speed but it isn’t good for anything else but evading underwater. Attacking and casting will break the transformation, though with a 5-second cooldown you can just use it again.This is such a weird item. It’s a weapon, but it’s also consumable. It’s low-level, thus has a weak damage output, but its effects is great when used as a consumable. It will give you a 50% increase to your attack speed for 30 seconds.

Feral Druids. Weapon stats don’t affect their auto-attack damage in a different form, but they get the attack speed boost. It may only have three charges, but it’s fairly easy to farm in a low-level dungeon. Having bags of this weapon can boost your Druid’s DPS.

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