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Full Details of PVC Tape

Full Details of PVC Tape

PVC tape is extensively used in different areas,such as electrics, wires, ducts wraps and ground warning etc. PVC Film as a substrate ,and Solvent based natural rubber as coating adhesives. There also have different types of PVC tape according to different usage, for instance.Get more news about Electric Tape Making Machine,you can vist our website!

Simply, PVC film with Solvent-based rubber adhesive, after coating,drying,rewinding etc process, then you will get PVC tape.

Substrate of PVC film. Choose the right film is very important.For instance, film thickness, quality grade(Calcium powder content,virgin PVC granule),tensile strength, voltage insulating grade(normally should pass 3kv voltage testing). Anyway,find out the suitable and good pvc film, it’s not easy.
Solvent-based rubber adhesives. adhesive formula is deemed to a secret for pvc tape manufacturing factory. Maybe different factories have a little difference on the formula. It largely determine the tape quality.
Solvent recycling equipment. Generally use natural rubber or synthetic rubber as solute,toluene as solvent. But toluene is expensive,it also can be recycled using. So we can establish solvent recycling equipment ,then collect the vaporized solvent during drying, therefore, we can save more cost.
Paper core. Usually 38mm,32mm size as electrical tape, 76mm size as making tape
Cutting machine. After coating, we will get rolls, then we can use cutter to get small piece of tapes
Packing machine. After we get small piece of tape,we can use packing machine to automatically packing all of them
2. First gravure coater. It is used for bottom adhesive coating. Normally, pvc film surface is smooth, it is hard to connect tightly with adhesive. So that, there must have bottom adhesive as pre-coating.In addition, the bottom adhesive viscosity is lower than second stage adhesives

3: Entry the first drying oven,heating the bottom adhesive. Then make it dryer,and entry to second comma blade coater for second adhesive coating

4: Make the second adhesive coating,we also call it surface adhesive. Moreover,the coating thickness can be adjusted.

5: Drying the surface adhesive, after drying, then enter to cooling device. Cooling process is also very important, it highly affect tape forming molecular structure.Normally, we can put 1-10℃ water into the cooling cylinder, so that it can fast cooling.

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