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Larder unit basket with soft-closing PTJ022G/E/F

Larder unit basket with soft-closing PTJ022G/E/F

Basket for larder unit. Sheet metal bottom and rail. The quick release system works by placing the basket in correspondence of the larder unit frame’s holes.Get more news about China Larder Unit Basket,you can vist our website!

Provided heavy-duty slides on the carrier mechanism and on top guide.
• Carrying capacity is 120 kg max.
• Available for hinged tall cabinets with door.
• Two standard sizes options: 450mm and 600mm width cabinet (other sizes can be customized).
• larder unit basket.When the door is open, back body comes to front. provides easy access to the basket.
• Baskets are placed on the holes on the frame according to the required height
• Product length can be adjusted according to the height of the cabinet.
• Carrier mechanism and frame are painted silver grey, baskets are chrome plated.
• Alternatively in wire basket/ wooden bottom basket/ glass basket available.

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