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Twitch streamer Asmgold challenges ‘bad’ World of Warcraft game

Twitch streamer Asmgold challenges ‘bad’ World of Warcraft game director to spark public debate on Twitch

Twitch streamer Asmongold called out World of Warcraft game director Ion Hajikostas for not understanding players and invited them to a debate.To get more news about Buy WoW Gold Classic, you can visit official website.

Twitch Streamer Asmongold Known For Both His Criticisms world of Warcraft, With his love for the game. In a recent stream, he said world of Warcraft The game director invited him to Twitch for not doing his job properly and to debate the stream.

Asmongold has built a large part of his success on his love world of Warcraft While there are critics of the game as well. Recently, he said he was “done” with world of Warcraft After several disappointing patches were released, which seemingly did nothing to improve the game and only added things they didn’t like. Many fans were not happy with his decision, but he stood by his stand and opinion.Recently on a Twitch stream, Asmgold called world of Warcraft Game director Eoin Hajikostas for being bad at his job and calling him a “bad game director”. “I think Ion doesn’t understand the psychology of the player,” Asmgold said of the game director, “I think he doesn’t understand why players do things.” He also pointed out that Hajikosta only raids when he plays, so focusing only on that kind of stuff instead of the more profitable things. world of Warcraft. Asmgold then explained that it was okay to raid specifically, but he also invited Hajikostas to come on the stream with him, so they could debate the issues.

Asmgold said on stream that he has spoken to Hajikostas in the past and admits he has some good points, but he also wants the game director to understand what needs to be done. Furthermore, Asmongold noted Blizzard not having much to lose when attempting to reach Hajikostas on its stream. This is of course speaking of the lawsuits and allegations against Blizzard of sexual misconduct and mistreatment of its female employees.

It is important for game directors and other ranking members of a video game company to be open to player feedback. Asmongold has been particularly critical of changes such as loot boxes and microtransactions. world of Warcraft In 2021, therefore, directly to a member of the sports staff his opinion will be influential. Asmgold has huge followers, and it goes without saying that if Hajikostas agreed to join him in the stream, it might help his reputation and public opinion.

Asmongold appears genuine in his pleas to help Hajikostas understand what he is doing wrong. world of Warcraft, but it can also seem like a catchphrase for ideas. Joining Hajikostas AsmGold to discuss a debate or stream is very likely to eagerly and will bring millions of views to fans of the game who want to get in on the action. That being said, Asmgold’s opinion is just as valid as any other fan’s critique. world of Warcraft And should be heard by game devs alike.

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