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Much like a smart thermostat gives you remote control over the temperature inside your home, a smart lock gives you access to lock and unlock your front door from anywhere. Automation features allow you to do things like set individual keypad codes for visitors and unlock your door automatically when you arrive home, and most also work with voice assistants like Alexa , Google Assistant, and Siri for hands-free control.To get more news about best home security Supplier, you can visit official website.

Of all the smart door locks we've tested, the Schlage Encode (available at Amazon) is the very best, offering an impressive combination of looks, smarts, and strength. Looking for something cheaper? The Wyze Lock (available at Amazon) is packed with features and value. There are plenty of other great door locks on our list, too, so you can tailor your ideal smart security.
There's a lot to love about our top pick, the Schlage Encode. For starters, installation and troubleshooting are a breeze thanks to the app’s interactive, step-by-step guide. The lock and accompanying app are simple and intuitive to use, jam-packed with useful features, and the lock is very responsive when using remote access.
Not only is the Encode able to store and remember up to 100 permanent, temporary, or recurring passcodes, but it also works with Alexa. and Google Assistant as well as Ring, Amazon Key, and, of course, Schlage Home systems. If you’re on the hunt for a HomeKit-compatible smart lock, check out the Schlage Sense below.

The Encode offers compatibility with Amazon Key, which means you can allow Amazon delivery people to digitally unlock your smart lock to set your packages inside the door (an optional feature, of course).

Unlike a lot of other smart locks, the Schlage Encode has Wi-Fi built-in. That means that, even without a hub, Encode can connect to the internet, voice assistants, and your phone when you’re away from home. This, along with the well-designed app, makes it one of the easiest locks to set up and use of all the models we've tested.

The option to set up recurring passcodes is pretty ingenious and helpful for those who have regular housekeepers, babysitters, or other household employees, and only want them to have access every third Thursday (or whatever you'd like)—no need to create a new code. The lock doesn't include more advanced features like geofencing or fingerprint scanning, but the numeric keypad is easy and versatile enough to fit most people's needs.
Wyze continues to impress us with its incredibly affordable smart home products. Coming off the heels of Wyze’s surprisingly good security cameras, the Wyze Lock offers a solid feature set at a great price. It uses your existing deadbolt and keyhole, so your front door will look the same to outsiders, packing all the smarts in a simple panel attached to the inside of the door.

That means you won't have to re-key anything. Wi-Fi connectivity requires a separate bridge you need to plug in near the lock, though it's bundled in the package. An optional mount-anywhere keypad is also available for numeric codes, though it's sold separately. On one hand, this is nice, because you can buy only what you need and skip the rest—but it also amounts to a bit more work than something like the Encode for those who want the full package.

Thankfully, the Wyze Lock's installation is quite easy, and even first-timers should have no problem installing the deadbolt. The mechanism is smooth and responsive whether you're locking it by hand, through the app, or through the geofencing feature, which uses your phone's location to unlock the door as you arrive home. You can also share access with others through the app, either long-term or on a recurring schedule. (We had to re-share after the other person made their account, so it wasn’t foolproof, but we got it working with minimal fuss.)

The Wyze Lock also uses an interesting auto-sensing feature that can tell whether your door is ajar or not without the need for stick-on sensors. It worked well in our testing, though stick-on sensors may be more reliable for some folks—albeit with added complexity. The Wi-Fi bridge worked flawlessly, which isn't a given, allowing us to lock the house from afar with the app or using voice assistants like Alexa. While we wish it were built-in to the lock itself, the performance is on point, provided you have an outlet near your door.

That's ultimately the main downside of the Wyze Lock—it works incredibly well and comes at a killer price, but it's less attractive than pricier models, and extra pieces like the Wi-Fi bridge and stick-on keypad do require a little more forethought in terms of where everything goes. That said, the Wyze Lock provides such a smooth and hassle-free experience for the price, it's easily one of the best locks you can buy.

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