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Blizzard will reveal the first Warcraft mobile game

Blizzard will reveal the first Warcraft mobile game

Nearly two decades after its launch and World of Warcraft is still going strong. The MMORPG saw its latest expansion drop in April and is actively working on ridable dragons for an update in the near future. But before that happens, Blizzard is taking the long-running game mobile.To get more news about Buy WoW Dragonflight Gold, you can visit official website.

The embattled game company announced via Twitter on Thursday that it will host a livestream premiere event Tuesday, May 3rd at 10 am Pacific on Reveal. This isn't the first time that a console franchise has expanded into mobile — Call of Duty and Fortnite have already launched their own iterations for phones and tablets. There are precious few details as to what the game will entail (beyond being set in the Warcraft Universe) or what gameplay mechanics will be used so be sure to join us next Tuesday for more coverage of WoW's newest foray into the realm of handhelds.
Blizzard Entertainment announced its latest expansion for World of Warcraft today titled 'Dragonflight', which as you probably guessed focuses on Dragons in Azeroth. The expansion introduces the following to the game:

A playable race called Dracthyr (Shapeshifting dragons with Draconic and humanoid forms). Can be played on both Horde and Alliance and start at a higher level than other classes.
New 'Evoker' class (only available to Dracthyr) with 2 specializations Devastation (1st new ranged dmg spec since WoW's release) and Preservation (healer role)
New Continent - The Dragon Isles
Big update to professions with addition of 'Work orders' and a new specialization system.
New talent trees which will expand player choice on character customization

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