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Fish food production equipment,fish feed pellet

Most of the fish food sold on the market is produced through batch processing of fish food production equipment, which usually goes through multiple processes such as crushing, batching, mixing and processing, pelletizing and drying. The main machines and equipment for the production of fish food are.

1、Crushing machine: the raw materials for the production of fish food will be crushed machine.

2、Mixing machine: the crushed fish food raw materials will be added a certain proportion of water, additives, mixed evenly. And you can see the feed mixing machine in Lima.

3、 loading machine: the mixing of raw materials will be transported to the feed hopper of the twin-screw extruder.

4、 twin-screw feed puffing machine: mixed raw materials in a high-temperature, high-pressure environment and twin-screw extrusion, extrusion through the feed mold, adjusted to the same size and length of feed particles.

5、Conveyor: the produced fish feed pellets are transported to the multi-layer drying equipment.

6、Multi-layer dryer: general oven, including electric oven, fuel oven, gas oven and steam oven, which can adjust the temperature by itself, used to dry the feed pellets to safe water content and increase the shelf life.

7、Spraying and seasoning line: including oil spraying machine and seasoning cylinder for spraying oil and food attractant, etc., mainly spraying oil on the surface of feed and removing burrs and burrs on the surface of fish feed pellets to make the surface of feed pellets smoother.

8、Cooling conveyor: reduce the temperature of the surface of drying feed pellets, promote the solidification of grease, and facilitate packaging.

9、Vibrating sieve: sieve the excess external scattering material and granule debris.

10、Packing machine: to pack and seal the made fish food.

So you can come to see the animal feed processing machine in Lima.

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