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The recommended expected weight of catfish

This is the recommended weight your catfishes should have after some month(s).  This will help you to compare if you fishes are growing well based on what is expected. Please note that the recommendations below are purely based on average results achieved from various successful fish farms.

Assuming you stocked catfish juveniles of 10 grams, you should realize the following weights after specific months if you are carrying out all the best management practices.

At end of first-month weight should be between 100-150 grams  (0.1-0.15kg)

Second-month weight should be between  150-250 grams   (0.15-0.25kg)

Third-month weight should be between  250-500grams    (0.25-0.5kg)

Fourth-month weight should be between  500-900 grams  (0.5-0.9kg)

Fifth-month weight should be between  900-1600 grams   (0.9-1.6kg)

Sixth-month weight should be between  1600-2400 grams  (1.6-2.4kg)

More than six months  weight should be between  Greater than 2400grams   (>2.4kg)

The resulting weight above can be achieved under recommended best practices in catfish farming. Maybe you can also go to see the fish feed making machine for production line.

With good feeds that meet the nutritional requirement of your fishes, good water quality and good fish seeds, farmers should be able to get a result that falls within the range given above. 

Any questions, you can come to lima contact.

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