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application of insulation rope

Insulation rope Description
Ceramic fibre rope is made up of ceramic fiber as raw material, spinning, compiled by the special craft, adding glass fiber or heat resistant alloy steel wire reinforced material, according to the different temperature and occasions, mainly have heat preservation, heat insulation effect. Fiber braid contains 10% to 20% of organic matter, in the heat for the first time, there will be a smoking phenomenon belongs to the normal situation

ceramic fiber rope

Product Feature
Excellent high temperature tensile strength, good flexibility

Non-alkali glass fiber reinforced, Excellent high temperature insulation performance

Have good self - lubricity and anti - stickup

Light weight and good corrosion resistance of acid, alkali and oil

Good electrical insulation, good thermal shock resistant

Low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity

Product Application
Heat pipe, high temperature gas, heat insulation and sealing of vessels;

Soft sealing of furnace tube in petrochemical industry;

Pipeline protection and coating of cable or fuel;

High temperature protection and composite materials manufacturing;

Fire door and fire shutter material, high temperature furnace door curtain

Engine and instrument insulation, fireproof cable covering material,

High temperature expansion joint filler; Crack furnace brick wall expansion joint


  1. 1 national R&D institution: Peking University has close relations of cooperation laboratory in product development and technology with us

  2. 4 kinds : Our product range: ceramic fiber products (blanket, paper, board, module,also special shape), rock wool , glass wool , calcium silicate board.

  3. 5 certificate: SO900, CE, SGS, TUV, BV, etc.

  4. 23 years : Our export experience more than 23 years.

  5. 150,000 m2 : Our factory total areas.

Our value is: To the quality strives for the survival,

Energy saving cause parallel of Ceramic fibre rope
Ceramic rope
insulation rope

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