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references of degassing unit

edited maio 25 in Geral

DGU-20A On-line degassing unit

The DGU-20A3R/20A5R is an on-line degassing unit that uses fluoroethylene membrane. The internal capacity is only 1/25th of a previous models, hence waiting time at for mobile phase replacement or stabilization can be significantly reduced.

DGU-20A On-line Degassing Unit

DGU-10B Helium Degassing Unit

The DGU-10B can degas up to four mobile-phase solutions by helium bubbling.

Note: Using helium for degassing provides higher degassing capacity than using a membrane, but operating them requires more care.

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Nitrogen Degassing Unit is used to reduce the oxide and hydrogen in the aluminum liquid, reduce the loss of aluminum and refining agent in the slag removal process, and also reduce the oxide deposition on the furnace wall.

Through automatic cycle refining timing and setting, automatic degassing and refining agent injection can be used respectively.

During the smelting process of aluminum alloy, molten aluminum, air and water vapor react to produce hydrogen and dissolve into the molten aluminum. When the molten aluminum solidifies, the hydrogen will be separated from the molten aluminum.

The hydrogen content and non-metallic inclusions of molten aluminum alloy in the melting and casting workshop will seriously affect the quality of the casting.

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