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When did lace front wigs become popular?

As people would have no natural immunity, this new influenza virus could cause widespread death, illness, social and economic disruption. Inevitably there are also some changes in lace wigs in the market since Covid-19.

The largest producer of Swiss lace - North Korea has slapped a ban on the export of lace products because of the Covid-19. Many blond lace front wig factories have to begin to produce lace products in the domestic. So there are also some changes in the manufacture technic of human hair 40 inch frontal wig.

These lace wigs will stop being produced after being out of stock. That is why some customers said that they found 13x6 30 inch water wave wig is not the same as before. Because there are also some changes of 13x6 lace frontal wigs: the areas of 13x6 lace frontals become smaller, the sides of 13x6 lace frontals also become narrow. This article will give you a better understanding of new 13x6 lace frontal wigs.

Like the short length of lace closures and lace frontals. Fewer people buy them, they are no longer produced in the domestic. There are no lace wigs in 8 inches anymore. In the wig market, the shortest hair length of lace wigs is 14 inches or 16 inches now.

The hair knots are big because they are all double knots. Hairs are tight with the lace to avoid falling out easily. Some people who don’t like big knots can find some professional stylists to help bleach the knots. Or use some powders or foundations to make up when installing.

After bleaching several times, 613 blonde hair will be too thin and too soft to tie to the lace. The working time is longer and the working intensity is higher in 613 blonde hair production. Some factories even don’t want to produce them anymore. 613 hair products are understocked now, the prices are also expensive than common natural black hair products.

Hairs are not easy to tie to the HD laces. HD lace wigs are hard to process and a long production term. Many factories choose to use other HD laces to produce HD lace wigs. These HD laces are not the same as before, they are more like transparent laces, but more transparent, better than transparent laces.

There were different lace colors before, like medium brown lace, light brown lace, transparent lace, etc. But these lace colors can not be available to each size of lace wigs now. Lace colors are versatile, they may vary from lot to lot. If a customer wants a certain lace color, he needs to communicate with the sellers in advance.

Covid-19 brings a great influence on the hair wigs market. Everyone needs to try to embrace changes in lace wigs during Covid-19. Together people should cooperate to cope with the Covid-19 tidal wave sweeping the world. Everything will be fine, and the prices of lace wigs will be affordable again until the Covid-19 ends.

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