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How to Install: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

How to Install: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Instructions for installing your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, in-app setup, and DoorSense? installation can be found below:To get more news about electronic safe lock, you can visit official website.

Step 1. Prepare your existing deadbolt
Use the supplied adhesive strip to hold the keyed side of the lock in place.
Step 2. Remove your existing thumb-latch
Unscrew and remove the screws from your existing deadbolt thumbturn. If there is an additional back plate, remove that as well. Be sure to position the thumbturn so that you can access both screws so that you can entirely remove the thumbturn.
Step 3. Prepare the Mounting Plate*
The included mounting plate has two adjustable screw-holes that can be repositioned as needed. Remove the screws from the thumb-latch and insert them into the front of the mounting plate.
*Optional: Affix the included cover plate behind the mounting plate if there is a gap behind the mounting plate due to a large bore hole.
Step 4. Attach the Mounting Plate
Tighten the screws by hand until the mounting plate is settled securely against the door. PLEASE NOTE: Over-tightening the screws may lead to issues over time.
Step 5. Attach the Correct Adapter
Place the correct adapter onto the tail piece. One of the triangle shaped nubs should face up if you have the correct adapter.
Step 6. Open the wing latches
Pull out both side wing latches to prepare for mounting.
Step 7. Attach the Wi-Fi Smart Lock
Slide your smart lock over the adapter and attach it to the mounting plate. Make sure the back of the lock is flush with the door and the outer ring is in the correct orientation relative to your deadbolt.

To secure the lock, clamp down both wing latches to the mounting plate completely.

Lock and unlock the door by turning the outer ring to make sure everything is moving smoothly.
Step 8. Remove the faceplate
Press down on the August logo located at the bottom of the face plate. Grab the top of the faceplate and remove it.
Step 9. Remove the battery tab
While holding the batteries in place, remove the plastic battery isolation tab. Make sure that the battery is properly seated in its compartment.
Step 10. Replace the faceplate
Place the faceplate back onto the Smart Lock, with the August logo at the bottom

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