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Let say you operate a pet blog. You regularly write posts about dog related topics, which is awesome! And you get some likes, shares, and comments. However, after you do a bit of research and ask some questions, you realize (much to your surprise) that 46% of your readers have only cats or have dogs and cats as companions.

The Rams waived him Friday after he reportedly declined to take a pay cut. He had been set to make a non guaranteed $2 million in 2019 under his restricted free agent tender. The Rams apparently thought that was too high of a price to pay for a reserve safety who plays sparingly, but Countess didn budge..

Glen Nagle: Whereas previous missions have landed on the surface and we've driven across that surface, this is a chance to actually dig up that surface. Phoenix has actually already thrown up a few interesting surprises that the Martian soil wasn't quite as acidic or salty. It was actually quite alkaline.

Also I'm on /r/CFA because I've been daydreaming about taking it for 2 years and I watch too much Bloomberg :P (the anchors are so fucking hot) 27 points submitted 5 months agoYou know what I like? Living here for a few decades makes you impervious to accents, grammatical issues, and regional demeanor.Scottish, South Indian, Egyptian, Haaza Fi Maafi Arabic, etc. All are easy to understand, no issues.I see people come here from different backgrounds, and they have so much trouble understanding others, it funny at some point.As for my story, 3 generations of us grew up in Saudi, then moved to UAE a few decades ago. Was in to the family business, and then moved to career based, because I was bored.Moving abroad is required at this point to set up a home (and bassbort), but more so than moving back "home", which is not an option.

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