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How to complain about IQOS

How to complain about IQOS

Philip Morris has a high quality IQOS Care Plus warranty support program. In the event of a complaint, all you have to do is report the defect to the customer care center, where they will find the nearest service point from an extensive network of stores.To get more news about Hitaste P8, you can visit official website.

IQOS Care Plus is an extended contractual warranty support program, covering each IQOS device for the duration of the production warranty from the purchase of the device. It allows registered users to replace IQOS devices damaged by the user free of charge. Conditions vary slightly from country to country. To replace the device, you will need to have to report the defect to the Customer Care Center.

IQOS is the biggest brand in Heat not burn industry, But there are many alternative device of IQOS as well, Such as Lambda CC and UWOO, Both of them can support around 2 packs sticks when fully charged.

After you do all of this there will be many places where you can exchange the broken piece of your IQOS device for a new one. Ask the Customer Care Center worker for more information as he should be competent enough to tell you, which we consider a nice improvement in the manufacturer's services.

If you do not have an IQOS registered under your account, nothing happens, the infoline employee will assign it to you under your account, even if it previously belonged to someone else, follow the instructions. If you do not have your account yet, website, but in that case you have not yet taken advantage of the discounted IQOS purchase offer for new users, which we definitely recommend using, it is always a good idea to have an almost free backup device.


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